Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bollywood Connection-Yet Again?

Simply Horrifying! Bollywood connection?....oh no, not again! Did they need another controversy?
Why is it that Bollywood cannot restrict themselves to movies & showcase their skills in making good movies? Shiney Ahuja Case, RGV-Deshmukh case during 26/11 attacks, Underworld connections, extortions and so many more.....Do they really need controversies like these again to make their already public lives more public?
I wonder what the entire fraternity will have to say to this!

They will do one of the following things:
  1.  They will outcast the person in question & act as if they do not know the person!
  2.  They will declare they have nothing to do with it even if there is proof staring at their faces! 
  3.  They will sound the 'We are one big family' & justify every person's wrong-doings!
  4. Wait till the news dies down & carry on with their lives like nothing happened
Learn Bollywood....Learn!
Learn before its too late...its high time you stopped justifying all the wrong things being done in your industry!

Read more on the link below:

Bollywood Link? Emraan Hashmi knew Headley | Watch: Hashmi-Headley link: "TERROR LINK? Sources say investigators have found phone records that link Emraan Hashmi to Headley.Leads to link Headley to Pak 26/11 handlers |


vasu said...

I think you are writing a lot on films etal.

Stars think that their fan following gives them a license to do anything & everything & also get away with it !Some people never learn - prime example being our netas & abhinetas !

vasu said...

You are writing quite a bit on films-bollywood,hollywood et al.

Stars feel that by virtue of their fan following,they can get away with anything & everything.Moreover, some people like netas & abhinetas never learn.

Amari said...

I so much agree with u Vasu...they believe they have the means to get away with anything & sadly they have people waiting in lines to help them get out for some kind of moolah or the other! Until people stop helping them, we are gonna have many more such stories!

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