Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Go Organic- Maharishi City leads the way!

I was busy doing something in the kitchen & suddenly this program on television caught my attention.A show called 'Extreme Towns'. Basically this program features some small towns which have something unique about them. In this particular segment, a place called Maharishi Vedic City at Iowa, USA was being featured. The unique aspect of this town is supposedly Indian Spirituality in everything done here. Be it the schools, universities, businesses, hotels etc, everything done here is aimed at making life more stress free & peaceful.

This city was founded in 2001. Every resident here practices a law belonging to ancient Indian Science called the Vedic Natural Law. It has transcendental meditation as its USP. This when done daily gives one a serene calmness & inner peace! And do you know about the other best part of the city or rather a law enforced here? All constructions done here must have their buildings facing east & food served everywhere must be organic!

The doors facing east is a part of Indian Vaastu & the organic food served is also very Indian in its preparation. Isn't this amazing? The Western countries have taken the best out of our culture & here we are, continuing to take the worst out of theirs! Time we learn ah!

Now the reason why I thought of writing this post is to stress the importance of going organic. Watching this show just gave me the impetus I needed to write about the benefits of organic food. So what is organic food? Pure Organic is defined as those foods where pesticides, herbicides, insecticides are restricted(Source: Wikipedia) You can read more on this link:

There are loads of benefits going organic. Foremost thing being, you aren't getting infected with all the toxic pesticides that unknowingly & in small amounts enter & corrupt our digestive systems in the long run.The effects of pesticides in food may not be very visible in the short run but prolonged usage definitely does more harm than good to our bodies. They also contain a higher levels of trace minerals, antioxidant phytonutrients, vitamin C. These foods supposedly contain 25% more nutrients than conventionally grown foods. There are loads of sources on the internet for the advantages of going organic for the serious organic food lovers or would-be organic folks! I have already mentioned some of them above by compiling them from the internet.

Recent surveys have indicated  that more & more people are going organic to avoid chronic illnesses arising out of toxic present in food. Whether the organic foods prepared here are actually pure or are grown according to standards set by the regulatory authorities is yet debatable but well it certainly has benefits, a notch higher than conventional foods so why not try it? There are pros & cons to everything we do & if the pros outweigh the cons, isn't it worth giving it a shot? :-)

Organic food is easily available in US. Most of the stores like Walmart, Costco, Ukrops etc have them. They are a little expensive compared to the normal conventional foods so it might be tight on the budget but you needn't go completely organic from the word go, just make small important substitutes & gradually look out for deals, coupons etc & try getting a good bargain!

Contemplating going organic, maybe not completely (Old habits die hard you see :-)) but will atleast try & make an honest beginning! :-)


Preeti Kashyap said...

I is the best way! Seeing a documentary called really touching! I buy veggies from farmers much more fresher and healthier. More oon and organic food...have a look at my post..ull love it...

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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